passion for training

Let us tell you what makes us tick, what our ideals are and why we get up every day to do this job. Now, if you can find a connection in there, if you understand these motivations and ideals — we can make a strong connection and working together will be both productive and pleasureful.

It’s 5 AM and the alarm just went off. What makes us jump out of bed? It’s simple; we get a thrill out of seeing the people we help get better, get stronger and we just love seeing the sparkle in the eyes of a client when they do something they thought they would never be able to do. That’s worth getting up for! That’s worth working hard for!

Every day we look to learn more about training. It’s not enough to just repeat a recipe, we want to be the best at what we do.

By studying, expanding our knowledge base and by seeking mentorship from specialists in the field, we get better every day and we love passing this knowledge on to you – whether it’s as a part of your training plan or as a little tidbit of wisdom that we pass along during a workout. It doesn’t hurt that we live & breathe this stuff…

We have a passion for all things training and it’s not enough to just live that passion on our own – it builds when we share it. When you enjoy your workout and when you start asking for more, we’ve done our job well.



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