We hear it everyday; doctors telling us to ”move more” and “exercise” to help gain mobility and range of motion. It is important for every person living with arthritis and autoimmune disorders to combine exercise with medication in order to slow down the progression of a disorder. Some clients have come to us in the past, having tried exercises that only aggravated their symptoms even more. Everyone has good intentions but many are discouraged when they are unsuccessful in their attempts. We have developped a proven, winning approach to help you gain control.

Living with an autoimmune disorder myself, I understand how hard it can be to take that leap forward; especially when your body or nervous system isn’t being cooperative.”


Our personalized plans and approach will help you gain control and become active once again. This service is specifically targeted for people living with diverse arthritis and autoimmune disorders (no matter the degree of advancement).

Once you have managed the primary movement-related issues specific to your disorder, we can transition your training into physical preparation addressing your secondary personal goals; be they fat loss, strength gain, improved fitness, sport or work.


Step 2.

This service is offered in the following approaches:





“I began to incorporate her easy to follow exercises into my own routine. Naomi has offered excellent tips not only on how to physically be in better shape, but also mentally prepare to successful at living with chronic pain and illness... my everyday life has improved immensely.”

Claire Li

“Thank you Naomi for your advice, knowledge and support. I’ve had chronic back pain since I can remember-- After training with you for only 3 months, I feel 100%! Thanks for everything! You are AMAZING!!!”

Manuel Choquette

“Je crois finalement que je pourrai un jour accomplir mon ultime but: Compléter un triathlon Ironman. Le seul fait qu'elle-même vive avec la spondylite ankilosante lui donne une compréhension de tous mes problèmes au niveau physique en lien avec cette condition. Merci ma coach, mon amie.”

Philippe Kékesi-Lafrance


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